Eastern Maine Skippers Program

EMSP Event Sponsorship Opportunity
The Eastern Maine Skippers Program is seeking sponsors for its Regional Final Presentations scheduled for May 2019. Skipper students will present their final presentations in front of a crowd. The event will be broken into three-events at the following locations:

May 21 at Seaworthy Event Center in Milbridge – Schools presenting are: Jonesport, Narraguagus and Sumner;

May 23 at Opera House Arts in Stonington – Schools presenting are: Deer Isle-Stonington, Vinalhaven and North Haven;

May 28 at Faith Community Fellowship in Trenton  – Schools presenting are: Ellsworth, George Stevens Academy and MDI.

This year’s project topic is, “How can technology contribute to a safe, healthy, and sustainable fishing industry?”

There are various levels of giving in which your business or organization can support at, including opportunities to support all three regional events. Why sponsor an EMSP event? The event is an opportunity to showcase your business as well as supporting a worthy program that preserves, protects and promotes the legacy of commercial fishing and coastal communities.

Special Thanks to Our 2019
EMSP Final Presentation Sponsors:


  • Brooks Trap Mill
  • Kennedy Marine
  • Nautilus Marine Fabrication
  • J T Rosborough
  • Jonesport Shipyard
  • Opera House Arts
  • SW Boatworks
  • Washington County Community College

Want to add your logo or name here?  To learn more about the benefits of each level of sponsorship and to become a sponsor, complete the sponsorship form here

Young people in Maine’s fishing communities, whether they fish or not, have a constant view of boats and traps, and other signs of a very traditional and meaningful way of life. With such a vivid connections to the still wild ocean, these young people often require a high school curriculum that meets them where they are, and in a way that is relevant to their unique life experience.

Eastern Maine Skippers Program (EMSP) is a collaborative program between MCCF and the Rural Aspirations Project being implemented in eight high schools that serve fishing communities across 200 miles of Eastern Maine.  The program’s focus is on providing students with the core knowledge and skills needed to participate in a co-managed fisheries, working with scientists and regulators to sustain the fisheries they depend upon as well as to run successful and adaptable businesses. A central feature of EMSP is a year-long project in which students work collaboratively with community members like scientists, fishermen, regulators and industry professionals, to investigate serious challenges within the fishing industry, to research, develop and present effective solutions.

Working with teachers, partners, and school administrations across the region a, EMSP facilitates curriculum development and provides access to scientists, the fishing industry, and community members who bring the same vitality that the students experience outside the classroom into the schools and into education.

Each year, EMSP gives over eighty Downeast Maine students, many whom were otherwise unchallenged, uninterested or isolated in high school, the chance to study traditional seamanship and safety skills.  Equally important, students participate in fisheries governance debates, and present their year-long projects on topics such as, comparing the wild harvest of scallops with scallop aquaculture, biofuel production from seaweed, and the importance of healthy watersheds and wild fish.

In an era of proficiency-based education, EMSP students are building relationships, knowledge and skills to graduate high school ready to face the rapidly changing business, science, political and fishing environments of the 21st Century.