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Celebrating 20 Years


As I round the turn on my first year at the helm of MCCF, I am deeply inspired by the great work of those who came before me and the entire community that created this amazing organization now celebrating its 20th year. I am honored to carry forward the mission and steer the course towards Fishing Forever.

With the help of the Board, the staff, and the community it has been a warm welcome getting to know our fishermen, neighbors, colleagues, and partners. The work that we do at MCCF remains vital to achieving balance between environmental sustainability and economic viability, which is key to our challenge.

I see immense opportunity through continued efforts of our community to support adaptive and sustainable fisheries, supporting a diverse set of owner operators in our harbors, a variety of businesses in our community, kids in our schools, and a sense of hope and job satisfaction that entices our youth to continue the fisheries heritage. This image of vibrant and resilient coastal community propels me forward every day, all the while knowing how fragile our way of life is.

It is with immense gratitude and pride that I share this report of our activities at the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries spanning 2022 and into 2023. Thanks to our donors, our dedicated staff, our volunteer Board members, volunteers from the community, the many partners, and supporters, our work continues to serve the fishing communities of Downeast Maine.

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Alexa M. Dayton, PhD
Executive Director

20 Years by the Numbers graphic


With immense gratitude to our dedicated crew listed below who have made it all possible


Ted Ames*

Chandler Barbour*

Ken Bovee

Marsden Brewer

Kristen Carlson-Lewis

Michelle Carter

Dwight Carver

Jim Chesney*

Tom Colwell

Dennis Damon*

Becca Emerson

Joe Fessenden

Sallie Findlay

Anne Hayden

David Heanssler*

Ted Hoskins*†

Libby Jewett

Nancy Knowlton

Walter Kumiega*

Jennifer Larrabee

Paul Lewis

Chuck Lucas

Jim Markos

Sally McCloskey

Dana Morse

Brent Oliver

Charlie Osborn

Jane Osborne*

Cecily Pingree

Walter Reed*

Libby Rosemeier

Charles Rudelitch

Mike Sargent

Joan Sorensen**

Lael Stegall

Bob Steneck

David Tarr

Dave Thomas

Susan Toder

Thomas Urmy, Jr.

Paul Venno

Carl Wilson

Jim Wilson

Italicized=Present Board

*Previous Board Chair

**Current Board Chair
† = Recently Passed


Robin Alden

Ted Ames

Paul Anderson

Pam Aubuchon-Fields

McKay Baird

Sharon Benjamin

Natalie Berthiaume

Heather Betts

Bobbi Billings

Anne Borntraeger

Ken Bovee

Jeannine Buckminster

Margie Combs

Brian Conklin-Powers

Rich Crowley

Sarah Day

Alexa Dayton

Sarah Dodge

Aaron Dority

Lori Douglass

Zach Dow

Ashley Duncan

Tom Duym

Holly Eaton

Jen Eaton

Shane Eaton

Sarah Ebel

Katherine Ellsworth

Lexis Elston

Christina Fifield

Megan Flenniken

Samantha Frundle

Lisa Gabrielson

Leah Gallant

Odette Galli-Thurston

Kelly Gell

Caroline Goddard

Edith Gregory

Roy Grindle

Pat Gross

Debra Gross-Larrabee

Carla Guenther

Martina Haines

Marissa Hammond-DeCosta

Brad Haskell

Joaz Hill

Howdy Houghton

Lori Jablon

Peter Jones

Debbie Jones-Fifield

Calvin Joyce

Isaac Kestenbaum

Chelsea Kondratowicz

Helen Kydd

Danielle Larson

Roger Leddington



Darcie Lincoln

Sarah Madronal

Kate McWilliams

Kyle Molton

Paul Molyneaux

Catherine Moore

Dennis Moran

Dawn Nault

Kathie Norwood

Karl Osterby

Erin Pulster

Rosalie Robbins

Mattie Rodrigue

Bob Rosenbaum

Patrick Shepard

Debbie Smith

Evie Smith

Jenn Spencer

Mike Thalhauser

Becke Thompson

Katie Thompson

Jan Thomson

Annie Tselikis

Brenda Underwood

Leslie Vickerson

Leroy Weed, Sr.

Anne West

Kristin Wilson

Tate Yoder

Veronica Young

Italicized=Present Staff


Sonya Allen

Alice Anderson 

Emily Ergo 

Seth Bartusek 

Sharon Benjamin 

Stephen Cochrane 

Katrina Cornish 

Ashley Duncan 

Ann Dunham 

Riley Eaton 

Sarah Ebel 

Lexi Elston 

Elizabeth Evans 

Emily Farr

Marianne Ferguson

Samantha Frundle

Lisa Gabrielson

Marcella Heineke 

Marlaina Jones 

Ellis Kaye 

Emma Kimball 

Kenny Lamm 

Danielle Larson 

Sarah Madronal 

Arielle Martel 

Shea Turner Matthews 

Mikayla McFetridge 

Gwen Moiles 

Alessandra Moulton 

Alexis Mullen 

Eliza “Ellie” Oldach 

Jessica Parker 

Ross Pike

Jessica Pokenis

Kipp Quinby

Ellen Sabina

Sam Scudere-Weiss

Evie Smith

Jenn Spencer

Pat Stafford

Emily Rose Stringer

Will Sturgeon

Yuka Takemon

Rosalie Teverow

Hannah Torres

Sam Urmy

Ella Webber

Martin Weiss

Teagan White

Josh Wrigley


Ted Ames

Glenn Billings

Joel Billings

Kathleen Billings

Ed Black

Dick Bridges

Foy Brown

Butch Ciomei

Lance Ciomei

Seth Ciomei

Frank Gotwals

Dick Larrabee, Jr.

Stevie Robbins, III

Steve Rosen

David Tarr

Paul Venno

Rebuilding and maintaining diversity in Eastern Maine’s fisheries requires all hands-on deck. Co-management of the marine and river ecosystems must be shared by fishermen, community groups, scientists, and fisheries managers to enable us all to adapt and persevere as climate and oceans change.

Fishermen’s knowledge and ideas lead the way
with collaborative research and management to build Maine’s vibrant wild and cultured scallop fishery

Man looking at catch over side of boat

Capture and culture scallop fisheries are co-developed to best support year-round coastal fishery economies.

Tribal partnership enables ecosystem monitoring in the Skutik Estuary
to capture vital data sets and inform adaptation in response to ecosystem change resulting from dam removal and climate change

Two women on the deck of a boat with water quality measuring equipment

Water temperature, salinity, nutrient, pH, and oxygen sensors are deployed to monitor water quality before and after dam removal in the Skutik River estuary.

Students develop safety and maritime skills and knowledge
to sustain resilient coastal community fisheries and engage in policy relevant projects

Measuring juvenile scallops

High School students measure juvenile scallops to understand growth and temperature relationships.

A network of fishermen, scientists and managers coordinate on alewife management
and river monitoring efforts, leading the way by example to restore this keystone species

Working the alewife fish run

Bagaduce River system sees historic Alewife runs of 70,000 fish per day at maximum peak.

The Sentinel Survey time series is accepted
as an index of juvenile cod abundance in the new Eastern Gulf of Maine Atlantic Cod Stock Assessment

Cod are measured and sampled for genetics, age and population structure.

Discovery Wharf and the marine touch tank connect people with our place
to experience island coastal fisheries, our heritage, and our future

Discovery Wharf greets over 2,500 public visitors from 45 States and 12 countries. Expanded oral history and climate change story-telling exhibit engages visitors of all ages.

Municipal Governments
think far into the future (on projects like the Deer Isle Causeway), combining infrastructure and the environment in a plan towards fishing forever

Water rushing into harbor next to granite pilings

Contributing to comprehensive planning and infrastructure projects supports access to working waterfronts and ensures coastal connectivity in the face of threats due to rising waters.

Legislative wins shape the future of shared uses of the ocean
to ensure whale conservation as well as viability of the lobster fishery in the new blue economy

Legislative wins including Federal Omnibus spending provide over $20 million to support gear adaptation in the lobster fishery over the next five years.


For the period January 2022 – June 2023.
We apologize if we inadvertently left any donors off this list.

 $100,000 AND UP

Maine Community Foundation

– Anonymous

NOAA Fisheries


$50,000 – $99,999

Anonymous #1

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission

Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund

Sant, Kristin and Michael – Long Cove Foundation

Sarah K. de Coizart Article TENTH Perpetual Charitable Trust


$25,000 – $49,999


Anonymous #2

Eaton Foundation

National Sea Grant

Seth Sprague Educational & Charitable Foundation

Sorensen, Joan and Pablo

Sussman, S. Donald

The Dorr Foundation

The Nature Conservancy of Maine

Van Vleck, Elizabeth

Wescustogo Foundation


$20,000 – $24,999

Island Foundation


$10,000 – $19,999

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Fidelity Charitable – Jace Cohen Giving Fund – James Cohen

Flanders, Jean and Barrett

J P Morgan Charitable Giving Fund – Elizabeth and Hugh Robertson

Leonard and Mildred Ferguson Foundation

Maine Community Foundation – Seal Bay II – Alison Hildreth

Maine Sea Grant

Schwab Charitable – Bill & David Charitable Fund – David Zirlin

Sunrise County Economic Council

Sustainable Oceans Alliance


$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous #6

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust

Becton, Jeff and Hillary – Becton Family Foundation

Bessemer Giving Fund – Joan and David Maxwell

Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation

Eastern Maine Conservation Initiative

Elsie & William Viles Foundation

Farm Credit East

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Urmy Family Giving Fund – Thomas and Deanne Urmy

Lucas, Charles and Deborah De Witt

Machias Savings Foundation

Maine Community Foundation- Community Building-Emily and William Muir Community Fund II

Osborn, Charlie and Kathleen

Pledge and Pledge Foundation

Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund – The John C. and Elisabeth B. Cochran Family Fund

SEA Maine

Urmy, Thomas and Deanne

Weil, Deborah and Samuel Harrington – Norman Foundation


$1,500 – $4,999

Barwick, Joyce

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Lester and Joyce Coleman

Island Education Foundation

Lateiner, Donald and E. Marianne Gabel

Linebarger Janin Family Fund, a fund of Central Indiana Community Foundation

Maine Community Foundation – Clevelands on the Cape Fund – Julie and Bobby

Maine Community Foundation –

Ocean Ledges Fund – Ben Emory

Maine Community Foundation – Point Harbor Fund

Maine Shellfish Company, Inc.

Morgan Stanley – Morgan Stanley Gift Fund – Carol Pesner

Nitze, Susan in memory of Peter Nitze

Osborne, Jane and Woodley

Phipps, Jeffrey

Teverow, Philip and Josephine

The Irving S. Johnson and Alwyn N. Johnson Family Foundation

Weil, William and Tracey – Norman Foundation

Wilson, James and Sharen

Wing-Benjamin Trust Fund

Yoder, Thomas


$1,000 – $1,499

Anonymous #3

Anonymous #4

Cooney, Eliza in memory of Leighton H. Cooney, Jr.

Crowell, Ken and Marnie

Dayton, Alexa

de Koning, Fiona and Theo

Dorsey, Lynne and Sage

Fidelity Charitable – C. van Heerden Family Fund

Fidelity Charitable – Pfeiffer- Foster Fund – John Foster

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Anonymous

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Jenny Scheu and John Ryan

Fifield Lobster Company

Findlay, Sallie and Gene Nelson

Frederick, Nancy

Gellert, Martin and Jacqueline Michaud

Heyward, Lisa and Jock Crothers

Jewett, Libby and Stephen Teach in memory of Garry Jewett

Knowlton, Nancy and Jeremy Jackson

McCaskey, Raymond and Judy – Raymond and Judy McCaskey Foundation

McCloskey, Sally in memory of Peggy Durand

Paduano, Nancy and Daniel

RBC Wealth Management – Mary and Richard Howe

Rocque, Jr., Arthur and Carol

Saltonstall, Mary R. and John K. Hanson Jr.

Sansone, John and Barbara Jordan

Schwab Charitable – Eric and Susan Toder Charitable Fund

Sly, Peter and Marcia

Snedecor, Peter and Anne Scarff

The Stephen and Margaret Gill Family Foundation

Thomas, David and Cindy – F/V Just a Pluggin

Weil, Frank – Hickrill Foundation

Whitman, William


$500 – $999

Albrecht, James and Susan Vroman

Alden, Robin and Ted Ames

Barnes, Richard and Suzi Van Wye

Chesney, James and Barbara

Cranberry Isles Fishermen’s Co-op/Little Cranberry Lobster

Damon, Dennis and Bonnie

Dayton, Cornelia in honor of Robin Alden

Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education

Everdell, Sarah and Tony

Fidelity Charitable – Wilder Family Charitable Fund – Wilder-Guiles Family

First Congregational Church of Blue Hill, UCC

Hill, Ned and Karen

Maine Community Foundation – Mary (Lee) Fay

Maine Community Foundation – Robert A. Roth Charitable Fund – Robert Roth and Cleo Wilson

Markos, Jim

Morgan, Howard and Betsy – The Pencoyd Foundation

Pesner, Ben

Rev Trust DTD 6/13/02- Richard and Dee Lawrence in memory of Peter Nitze

Schwab Charitable – Judith Keenan

Shepard, Suzy and Michael

Silvernail, David

Steneck, Bob and Joanne

The Cummins Law Firm – Robert and Deborah Cummins

The Island Agency

Viertel, Jack and Linda


$100 – $499

Alpaugh, Wendy and Bill McDonnell

Alweis, Marianne

Ambers Massar, Nancy and George Massar

American Online Giving Foundation, Inc.

Anderson, Marjorie and James

Anderson, Paul

Aubuchon-Fields, Pam and George Fields

Bacon, Carol and John

Bacon, Patty

Baird, JoEllen and Robert

Banghart, Suzanne

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund – E. Kendall and Sarah Gillett

Bardole, Don

Bayley’s Lobster Pound Inc.

Beerits, Peter and Anne

Benchley, Wendy and John Jeppson

Billings, Bobbi and Dana

Billings, Diane and Arthur

Blatz, Jeremiah

Brown, Rebecca and David

Burnt Cove Boil – Travis Fifield and Jacob McCarty in honor of Joan Sorensen

Burroughs Jr., Franklin and Susan

Buzbee, William and Lisa Chang

Carter, Jack and Page – The Community Foundation of the Northern Shenandoah Valley

Carter, Michelle and John

Chamberlain, Susan and Wendell

Chaplin, Gordon

Chapman, Barbro

Cheegers, Jeff and Shirley Wilmers

Chesney, Bo and Eliza Nichols

Clarke, Alison

Colby, Eben and Tara

Colwell, Tom and Paula

Community Foundation of Sarasota County – Davis- Bischoff Fund – Dick Davis and Carol Bischoff

Conant, Jon

Curtis, Malinda and Jonathan

Cushman, Anne

Davidson, Darwin and Jackie

Day Boat Fresh – Peter and Susan Buxton

Day, Charles and Harriet Zubar-Day

Doliber, Benjamin and Belinda

Dow, Leelie and Wells

Downs, Allen and Donna

Drewry, Virginia

Earle, Timothy and Eliza

Ettlinger, Steve and Jean Lange in honor of the Ettlinger family

Evans, Douglas and Sarah Cogan

Eysenbach, Jeanie

Fernald, Bruce and Barbara – F/V Barbara Ann

Fidelity Charitable – The Lillis Deuel Family Gift Fund – Joe Lillis and Kathy Deuel

Fidelity Charitable – Tonlie Fund – Mrs. A.F. Jenkins Jr. in memory of Peter Nitze & in honor of Kerry Oliver

Fidelity Charitable – W. Reardon Family Fund – William Reardon

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Jane Carmody

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Jim and Bridget Saltonstall

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Johnson-Lundblad Gift Fund – Nicole Johnson

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Lynn & William Osborn Fund

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Mark and Sally Ruport Family Fund

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Michael and Shirley Traynor

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Paul and Kristen Lewis

Fidelity Charitable Fund – Thomas and Emily Haslett

Fifield, Royce and Karol

Foot, Robert L. and Virginia

Frenchman Bay Boating Company

Gaensler, Tomas and Christina

Gellert, Robert and Rosa

Goetze, Lydia

Goldthwait, Jill and Sheldon

Gordon, Bruce

Gott, Robert in memory of George Joseph Gott, Sr.

Gotwals, Frank and Donna

Grace Shethar, Margie and John

Greene, Roger and Nancy

Greenhead Lobster

Greenough, Allen and Sarah

Griffin, Janet

Grosh, Suzanne and Richard

Gross Gas, Inc.

Gross, Bill

Hadden III, Hamilton and Hilary

Hall-Page, Katherine and Alan Hein

Hamilton Marine

Hanrahan, Michael

Harmatz, Gary

Hart, Bonnie G.

Hineline, Philip and Catherine

Hollander and de Koning

Holmes, Donald and Lee

Hooke, Ann

Hopkins, Jon and Peggy

Howe, James

Hunt, David and Jackie Fletcher

Hunt, Fred

Island Fishing Gear & Auto Parts

Johnson, Lynne and Keith

Jones, Frank and Terri Lee – F/V Sundown

Kapsha, Elysia and Christopher in memory of Thomas Irwin, Jr.

Keefe, Sally

Kestenbaum, Stuart and Susan Webster

Kneedler, Lynn and Edwin in honor of Robin Alden and Ted Ames

Knight, Chris and Kathy

Lafayette Hotels

Leaf & Anna

LeClair, Peggy and Phil

Leighton, Richard and Barbara

Leslie, Brian and Nancy Taras

Levitt, Jerry and Julie Meranze Levitt

Lifshitz, Allon in memory of Peter Nitze

Look, Amanda

Maine Camp Outfitters

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Inc.

Maine Community Foundation – Ciona Ulbrich and Jim Dow in honor of Mike Thalhauser and Tate Yoder’s work on the Bagaduce fishway restoration

Mainescapes Garden Shop Inc. – Althea Eaton-Paine and Donald Paine


Markham, Laura and Daniel Cantor

Massey, Martha – The Massey Family Survivor’s Trust

Mccoy, Katharine in memory of Peter Nitze

McGuire, J. Scott – F/V My Lady, Inc.

McVey, Joan

Merritt, Alfred and Nancy

Mielke, Fred

Miller, Judy

Miller, Ruth and Scott

Mimno, Pieter and Susan

Mitchell, David and Beth Ferro Mitchell

Monk, Carl

Montgomery, Diane and Claude

Moore, Catherine

Morgan Cassidy, Anna

Mueller, Thomas and Roza

Nautilus Marine Fabrication Inc.

Nelson, Richard and Nancy

Niles, Anne and Benjamin

Paine, C. W. Eliot

Pallian, Cynthia and John Laverty

Pearson, Donald and Lynne Champion

Pen Bay Farmed Scallops – Marsden Brewer

Perkins, Donald and Nancy

Poole, Marc and Shanley

Powell, Donald and Linda

Puzzlewood Builders – Henry Borntraeger

R. L. Greenlaw & Son

Radisic, Jennifer

Reardon, Daniel and Elizabeth

Ringer, Debra and Allen

Roberts, Jared

Roberts-Young, Ellen

Roberts-Young, Ellen

Rogers, Susan

Rosemeier, Libby and Scott

Rudelitch, Charles

Ruff, James and Adair

Sanger, Erika

Schoodic Education and Research Center

Schwab Charitable – AEW and SSW Family Charitable Fund – Gus and Suzanne Williamson

Schwab Charitable – Dill Family Charitable Trustee Fund

Schwab Charitable – Joe and Elke Dorr Fund

Seater, Susan and John in memory of Willard Stinson

Smith-Miller, Henry and Laurie Hawkinson

Stein, Francine in honor of Chuck Lucas

Strachan, Donna

Swanson, Korin and Graham Trask in memory of Peter Paul Nitze

Sytsema, Gail

Thalhauser, Patricia and John

The Dry Dock – Janet Cook

The Morning Moon

Thompson, Cynthia and Ben

Town of Penobscot

Tradewinds Marketplace

Union of Concerned Scientists

US Charitable Gift Trust – CARA Curtis Fund – Randall and Caroline Curtis

Valdina, David

Van Zant, Nancy

Wallace, Ann Fowler and Brad

Weiss, J. Woodrow and Kay Petersen

Wellman, Katharine

Weston, Howard and Sandra

Whitman, Laura and Thomas Danziger

Whitney, Jane and Richard Hero

Wiegmann, William

Williams, John and Judy – F/V Khristy Michelle, Inc.

Williams, Luke and Anne

Wilson, John and Nancy

Wilson, Jon and Sherry Streeter

Winchester, John

Wittich, Hillary in memory of Ken Guenther

Wolfe, John and Ruth Lamdan

Yoder, Tate

Zentz, Elizabeth and George




44 North

A.G.A. Correa & Son

Alden, Robin and Ted Ames

Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency

Aragosta at Goose Cove – Devin Finigan

Arborvine Restaurant

Aubuchon-Fields, Pam and George Fields

Barter Lumber Co.

Berry Dunn

Bianco, Diane & Frank

Billings Diesel & Marine – Sue & Pete Grindle

Billings, Bobbi & Dana

Billings, Glenn F/V Silver Lining

Billings, Hannah & Shay

Billings, Joel F/V Shehaligans

Billings, Kasi

Billings, Kathleen

Borntraeger, Henry

Bowden, Bailey

Bray, Stuart F/V Melanie Rose

Brewer, Bobby

Brewer, Marsden F/V Lindsay Marie

Burnt Cove Boil – Travis Fifield and Jacob McCarty

Burnt Cove Market

Buxton Boats

Buxton, Sue & Pete

Calderwood Pizza

Carlisle, Jodi

Carr, Leslie

Carter, Herbie

Carter, Michelle

Carver, Dwight F/V Mum’s Girls

Cichoracki, Mike

Ciomei, Lance F/V Obsession

Ciomei, Seth F/V Allegiance

Coastal Car Detail – Connor Morey

Coastline Physical Therapy – Dr. Hollan Oliver

Commercial Fisheries News

Coombs, Cindy

Damon, Dennis & Bonnie

Daniels, Melissa

Day Boat Fresh Seafood

Dayton, Alexa

Deer Isle-Stonington High School

Dodge, Kevin

Dodge, Ronda

Doiron, Paul

Dunham, Daryl F/V Force of Habit

Duryea, Lynn

Duym, Josh F/V Duchess

Duym, Tom

Eaton, Jeff F/V La Bella Vita

Eaton, Julie F/V Cat Sass

Ellsworth High School

Fifield, Christina

Fifield, Travis

Fleming, Jay

Frazier, Perley F/V Journey’s End

Full Circle Printing Solutions

George Stevens Academy

Getto, Pam

Gotwals, Frank

Gotwals, Tom

Gray, Bennett

Green Head Lobster

Guenther, Carla

Haas, Blake F/V Maverick

Hall-Page, Kathy

Harbor Café

Hardie’s Detailing – Caleb Hardie

Hardy, Ben F/V Faye Renae

Hardy, Jake F/V Miss Rowan

Hardy, Katy

Haycock, Curtis F/V Knot Shore

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Heanssler, Ben F/V Nova IV

Heanssler, Betty & David F/V Jubilee

Hecker, Carolyn

Higgins, John

Hoy, Jill

Hutchinson, Blaine F/V Marie Louise

Hutchinson, Peter F/V Amanda Lee II

Island Approaches

Island Country Club

Island Employee Cooperative

Island Fishermen’s Wives

Island Time Salon and Spa

ISLE Theater Co. – Marvin Merritt IV

J. McVeigh Jewelers – John McVeigh

Jewett, Libby

Jill Odice Photography

Jones, David F/V Little Aud

Jonesport-Beals High School

Joyce, Christopher

Knowlton, Nancy

Kumiega, Walter

Lane, Diana & Nathaniel

LaRochelle, Denise

Larrabee, Ryan F/V Resolute

Larsen, Kimberley & Matt

Larson, Danielle

Leach, Bert F/V Rock n’ Roll Too

Leaf & Anna

Lincoln, John

Lucas, Chuck

Lukens, Bill

Lymburner, John

Lymburner, Kathy & Gunner

Maine Camp Outfitters

Maine Maritime Academy

Mainescape Nursery & Garden Shop

Markos, Jim

McCloskey, Sally

McDonald, Genevieve

McDonnell, Bill F/V Nanatoo

McHenan, Traci

McMillan Offshore Survival Training

Moore, Catherine

Morse, Dana

Mount Desert High School

NAPA Auto Parts – Jenni Steele & Susan Oliver

Narraguagus High School

Nervous Nellies Jams and Jellies

North Haven Consolidated School

Oliver, Brent F/V Jarsulan 4

O’Malley, Sarah

Opera House Arts

Osborn, Charlie

Osborne, Jane & Woody

Ostrow, Sam

Penobscot Bay Press

Pinkham, Desiree

Podolsky, Charlotte

Puzzlewood Builders

Quinby, Dave

R. L. Greenlaw & Son – Judy Greenlaw

Reny’s – Ellsworth store

Reynolds, Lisa & Hal

Rhys, Josiah – F/V Miss Brooke

Rittmeyer, Steve

Robbins, Sam

Rudelitch, Charles

Rudman and Winchell

Sarah Baskin Art

Seaside Cleaning – Danielle Hardy

Sewall, Renee

Shari Ciomei Studio

Shepard, Matt F/V Alexsa Rose

Shepard, Mike F/V Joyful Noise

Shepard, Pat

Snappers Daycare – Kassandra & Pat Shepard

Snider, Jane & Marty

Sorensen, Joan & Pablo

Spencer, Alice

Steele, Garrett F/V Stormi Gayle

Steneck, Bob

Stevens, Serena

Stoll, Josh

Tarr, Joyce & David F/V Tarrfish

Thalhauser, Mike

The Galley

The Wise Tree – Melissa Jones-Bayley

There’s a Treat Takeout – Theresa Gove Eaton

Thomas, Cindy & Dave F/V Just a Pluggin’


Todd, Alex F/V Jacob and Joshua

Town of Brooksville

Town of Penobscot

Town of Sedgwick

Town of Stonington

Trundy, Matt F/V Savanna Says

V & S Variety

Vinalhaven School

Washington Academy


Weed, Leroy

Weed-Eaton, Willow

White, Chick

Williams, Judy & John F/V Khristy Michelle

Wilson, Carl

Wilson, Jim

Wilson, John & Nancy

Wotton, Jim F/V Overkill

Zanke, Dominic F/V Tyrant

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

 A Beacon of Success in Maine, a Model for Places Beyond

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is on a mission to build sustainable fisheries and productive marine ecosystems, supporting resilient communities and sustained fishing heritage and economies in Downeast Maine.

Eastern Maine is a place where fishing can be sustained, forever. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries was founded in 2003 on the principle that the only way the resources of the oceans will be protected and sustained is through joint stakeholder stewardship: collective action of fishermen and their communities, supported by science and working in combination with regulatory authorities at all levels.


Salt water.

Fresh thinking.


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