Mission & Vision


Secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities in Eastern Maine and beyond.


Eastern Maine will be a place where we can sustain fishing, forever.

Rebuilding and maintaining Eastern Maine fisheries requires all-hands-on-deck co-management of the marine and river ecosystem, work that will be shared by fishermen, community-based groups, scientists, and tribal, state and federal fisheries managers. The result will be fishing that is able to adapt so well that productivity of the ecosystem is sustained, even as the climate and oceans change. At the same time, the shoreside economy that supports and is supported by fishing will be structured for a diverse, high-value catch and rapid response to changing conditions. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries will have a key role piloting and facilitating this globally significant co-management system.

5-Year Goals

  • Tools and Support for Today’s Fishermen
  • Education for Effective Fisheries Co-Management
  • Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Co-Management Pilot in the Eastern Gulf of Maine
  • Learning and Policy for Sustainable Fisheries
  • Informed Public and Broad Support for the Mission
  • Vital Organization

Enduring Principles

  • Community fishermen’s engagement, knowledge and leadership is central to everything we do.
  • There are three conditions for long-term success of fishing communities: (1) a diverse ecosystem that produces abundant resources, (2) access to fishing linked to stewardship, and (3) profitability for community scale fishermen including a diversified and adaptive shoreside food system.
  • Collaborative science is a platform for fishermen’s participation in research design, data collection and information-sharing to increase understanding of marine stewardship.
  • Co-management by fishermen, community-based organizations, scientists, and governments requires skill and integrity, and it offers hope in a dynamic and changing climate and ocean environment.
  • A marine and river ecosystem approach holds the best potential for co-management of sustainable fisheries in Eastern Maine and globally.
  • The credibility, relevance and legitimacy of Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries are essential to the trust upon which all our relationships and work depend.