It starts with local connection. To preserve, protect and promote the legacy of Maine’s fishing communities we must understand
the history, economies, values, and aspirations of the communities we support to fish forever.

People are central to the future we seek. Our goals are: 

  • To support, empower, and demonstrate to the rising generations of fishers that one’s ability to
    harvest is dependent on stewardship and visionary use of marine resources;
  • To continue their profitability as owner operators; and
  • Become community stakeholders who advocate in the long-term interest of their fisheries and communities.

Community fishermen’s engagement, knowledge and leadership is central to everything we do. Here at MCCF, we continually engage in conversations with Downeast Maine fishermen to exchange information, make connections and solve problems. To sustain our fisheries, diversify them and adapt as conditions change, we strive to build a culture of trust and informed stewardship with fishermen in the lead. We must all work as stewards to collaboratively utilize the ocean and invest in re-establishing the diversity of marine resources upon which fishing communities depend.