Fish Forever

On a mission to build sustainable fisheries and productive marine ecosystems, supporting resilient fishing communities and sustained fishing heritage and economies in Downeast Maine.

Fisherman in boat pulling in traps

Adaptive & sustainable fisheries

Applying ecosystem approaches to advance co-management and protect owner-operator fisheries in Maine; enable stewardship of sustainable fisheries and support diversified fishing opportunities in Downeast Maine.

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People in lifejackets working together

Next generation of maritime stewards

Providing hope and equitable education access to all future maritime stewards and empower the next generation of all ages to advance solutions to wicked problems through our learning programs and communities of practice.

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Fishing vessels in the harbor at mooring surrounded by sea smoke

Community well-being & maritime heritage

Giving people the tools and resources to improve their own lives, maintain strong communities and adapt to shared ocean uses while preserving community goals and heritage.

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Group of people standing around a salt water touch tank looking at a blue lobster

Lifelong learning & adaptation in action

Providing interactive learning at our signature wharfside facility for the whole family to advance access to maritime science and heritage curriculum. Providing thought leadership on coastal community climate impacts for the public.

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A project with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, NOAA Fisheries, and the Maine Department of Marine Resources to develop a research framework that supports ecosystem-based fisheries management.

Two men with a net catching alewives in a river

River Herring (Alewives)

Alewives are a critical prey species to spur the recovery of groundfish species like cod & haddock while also providing commercial lobster bait and food for human consumption.

Three people on a fishing boat checking a round trap

Eastern Maine Skippers Program: Resources for Educators and Students

This is the EMSP curriculum, safety-at-sea videos, and applied problem-solving project library



The successful Maine scallop co-management system is a demonstration of what is possible if fishermen and regulators work together to restore and manage a fishery.

Fish Forever

Salt water, fresh thinking

We work to secure a diversified fishing future for the communities of Eastern Maine and beyond. 

The MCCF staff consists of a small, diverse and exceptional group of individuals.

Support Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries’ mission to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities in eastern Maine and beyond