Land and Sea

Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is integrating the renaissance in agriculture and new food system thinking into our fisheries work. All seafood is downstream, so what happens on the farm affects fisheries. As farmers experiment with new ways of marketing in the new, local food culture, seafood producers have an opportunity to learn from them.

In September 2016, Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries and Maine Farmland Trust hosted “Land and Sea” Colloquium at Bowdoin College to explore a whole system approach to increased food production in Maine, and to examine the connections between economic growth potential in the food sector, good natural resource stewardship, and the overall health of communities. Participants heard from leading agricultural and marine academics and policymakers about the complexity and interconnectedness of the region’s land and sea-based food system and how this can inform the region’s approach to increased food production.

Guided by the understanding that the region’s land and sea-based food systems are mutually dependent elements of a greater whole, we recognize there is strength in the region’s varied scales of production, Our two organizations are working together to advance new thinking on a whole system approach to increased local food production that ensures long-term human, community and environmental health in the face of this growth.

The partnership with Maine Farmland Trust is part of a multi-year commitment to work together on food system and sustainability. In prior years the partnership involved co-sponsoring Maine Fare.