Northeast Coastal Communities Sector

Sectors are organizations of fishermen who hold permits in the New England groundfish fishery. They are used as a vehicle for access to the fishery as well as policy advocacy. Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries is the manager of one sector, the Northeast Coastal Communities Sector (NCCS) and is also a member, with its two permits. From the beginning, our purpose in forming and managing NCCS has been to provide access to fish (quota) and political horsepower for small-scale, hook fishermen in a large-vessel, large-company dominated industry.

The Northeast Coastal Communities Sector is the only owner-operator, primarily hook-based sector in New England. The organization began as a partnership between Penobscot East Resource Center and the Martha’s Vineyard, Dukes County Fishermen’s Association in 2010 in response to the regional shift to quota-based management, and opportunities that our organizations saw to bring together the remaining groundfish permits in our respective regions under one roof. The organization is a 501(C)(5) nonprofit corporation, and includes 33 member fishermen from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.