The View From Atlantic Avenue

After a long hiatus, the Island Ad-Vantages, a local publication, decided to bring back its local fisheries column in partnership with Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. The column can be found in the weekly paper distributed every Friday. The most recent edition including a local fisheries log can be found below.

Week of January 16
– What is the status of the creation of a new apprenticeship program for the scallop fishery?

Week of January 9 – What’s the latest on the lobster fishery regulations related to right whale interactions?

Week of January 2 – What is the Eastern Maine Coastal Current Collaborative (EM3C)?

Week of December 19
– What are the lobster fishermen up to with the coming winter?

Week of December 12 – I was buying some locally caught scallops the other day and they were described as “U-10”…

Week of December 5 – Commercial fisheries in Maine are typically managed as individual species…

Week of November 28 – The staff and directors for the Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries wish you a…

Week of November 21 – I have heard about people growing seaweed in Maine, how can I learn more about this?

Week of November 14 – What’s the latest on proposed regulations for the lobster fishery related to…

Week of November 7 – Can local towns manage the commercial harvest of alewives?

Week of October 31 – When can I expect to get locally caught scallops?

Week of October 24 – What’s up with all the sea squirts showing up on the rocks, piers, and in fishing gear?

Week of October 17 – There used to be blue mussel beds in several of the coves on Deer Isle, but they are gone. What happened to them?

Week of October 10 – There have been guys knocking on doors on Deer Isle asking about harvesting seaweed…

Week of October 3 – What determines lobster prices and why is there a difference in prices along Maine’s coastline?

Week of September 26 – What are the ocean temperature trends this year?

Week of September 19 – What are these purple blobs I’ve been seeing on the beach this year?

Week of September 12 – What are those large schools of small fish I see everywhere?

Week of September 5 – Maine’s lobstermen are busy and apparently…

Week of August 29 – Readers might recall the excitement of watching the returning alewives…

Week of August 22 – Last week a local grocery store was selling steamer clams…

Week of August 15 – In a normal year, the lobster landings have begun to climb by late July…