What’s in a Name?


How can a name – a singular item – encapsulate the complexity of an organization? For months our staff pondered the words that would best capture our work. On March 1, 2017, we said goodbye to our name of 14 years, Penobscot East Resource Center (PERC). Though our name has changed, our vision has not. As Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, we are better equipped to advocate for the state of Maine, to be at the center of the conversation, to support our coastal communities, and to achieve sustainability within our fisheries. It is at the points of intersection between these words — Maine, center, coastal, and fisheries — that our work must focus.

At Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries, we work to secure a sustainable future for fisheries and fishing communities in Eastern Maine and beyond. Here’s how we do it.

Maine – Maine has been at the heart of our organization since its inception in 2003. Across the world, we see the respect and admiration for our state’s fisheries, the examples of successful co-management approaches, and the stock placed in the State of Maine. Downeast Maine is the focus of our research, our advocacy, and our efforts as an organization. We are proud to be headquartered in Stonington, on a vibrant waterfront, working with and for this great state.

Center – Our work brings people to the table. We strive to be the place, where communities, academia, science, and policy meet; where municipal, state, and federal governance overlap. Our collaborative approach invites fishermen to share their knowledge and sparks innovation. Facing changing oceans, developing science, and shifting regulations, we center the conversation on a consistent goal: to sustain our fisheries.

Coastal – The ocean is a vast place, but our mission remains focused on the coastal area, the most important area for fisheries productivity. We are rooted in local efforts, neighbors’ backyards, and shared waterways. We support the people who rely on fisheries for long-term success. We champion sustainable management not simply for fisheries, but for coastal communities and future generations to come.

Fisheries – Our mission is to serve the roughly 3,000 commercial fishermen whose livelihoods rely on the waters of Maine. By working in collaboration with fishermen, scientists, and policymakers, we can develop comprehensive management solutions for our fisheries. At Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries we want a strong and prosperous fishing ecosystem to endure; to make our state a place we can fish forever.

For more information on our name change, read the FAQs found on our website.