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Baited (sic) Breath

A blog from Paul Anderson, Executive Director: I was working on a project, and one of my co-workers told me she’d be here shortly. I replied that I was “waiting with baited breath.” I’ve always wondered where phrases like that come from. Is my breath really baited? I’ve been around bait enough to know that… Read more »


Scallop season gets underway with further advances

Since 2008, we’ve worked tirelessly with fishermen, researchers, and regulators, to rebuild the scallop resource. In more than 60 community meetings held across the state of Maine, we heard loud and clear that two things must happen in the scallop fishery: 1) a shift to a smaller, regional-scale management approach, and 2) the passage of… Read more »


How do fishermen understand the ecosystem?

At Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries (MCCF), we work to connect the knowledge of fishermen with the findings of science and the world of policymakers. As part of an ongoing project exploring the knowledge held by fishermen about the marine ecosystem, we aim to understand how access rights shape fishermen’s knowledge, and thereby the kinds… Read more »


Community Rallies Behind Skippers

The 2017-2018 Eastern Maine Skippers Program got off to a grand start on Tuesday, September 26 with the largest event in program history. Over 150 students, presenters, staff, and members of the media converged at the Schoodic Institute in Winter Harbor for a day of team building, connecting, and learning. Guided by this year’s overarching… Read more »


Carlos Rafael: The mosquitoes are buzzing

On Monday, September 25, Carlos Rafael of New Bedford will be sentenced for what will go down as one of the largest commercial fishing violations in United States history. In Monday’s criminal sentencing, the forfeiture of some of Rafael’s vessels and groundfish permits, as well as jail time and restitution, will be decided on by… Read more »


Blog | Teaching the Teachers: Eastern Maine Skippers Program gathers for annual Summer Institute

  The Eastern Maine Skippers Program (EMSP) descended on George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill for the annual Summer Institute, a professional development opportunity for EMSP teachers. The workshop brought together EMSP teachers from North Haven, Deer Isle-Stonington, Ellsworth, Mount Desert Island, Sumner, Narraguagus, and Jonesport-Beals to prepare for the upcoming school year. Planning efforts… Read more »


Blog | The 5 W’s of the Sentinel Survey

The Sentinel Survey is just one part of Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries’ (MCCF) methodical approach to groundfish research and policy over the past 14 years. At MCCF, we use local knowledge to create conditions for groundfish stocks to recover, while also working to regain access rights for local fishermen. Who works on the survey?… Read more »


Blog | There is so much I can learn

Reflections from Incoming Executive Director, Paul Anderson: There is so much that I can learn from fishermen. I could spend years in the best library reading Bigelow and Schroeder and countless books on navigation, physical oceanography, and knot tying and still be ignorant about what really goes on every day as thousands of fishing boats… Read more »


Sailboat Raffle!

CONGRATULATIONS TO ROGER OF CAMDEN, MAINE WINNER OF THIS 22-FT. CLASSIC WHITEHALL SAILBOAT “Nonpareil” cedar over oak. Lapstrake rowing/sailing classic with centerboard and two rowing stations. Sliding Gunther jig. Built in Rockport, Maine in 1992. From circa 1850 plans from the Chappelle/Gardner collection, based on San Francisco Bay lighthouse tender by Twigg. Full equipped: two… Read more »


Blog | Criteria for Scallop License Entry

  For the first time in nearly a decade, new scallop licenses may become available and we are seeking your suggestions on entry into this important winter fishery. The state legislature, which issued a moratorium on scallop licenses back in 2009, has tasked the Department of Marine Resources (DMR) with developing a well thought-out proposal… Read more »