Participate at Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

We are making a long-term investment in leadership, science, business innovation and partnerships to demonstrate a responsible, 21st century fisheries governance model, grounded in the fact of climate change, for the world.

To strengthen and grow our programs, we hope you will do whatever you can to help, whether it is volunteering, interning or becoming a part of our team.  We are here for the long haul, to show it is possible to have communities and an economy built on fishing, forever. Your gift makes this transformative vision possible and allows us to strengthen and expand our impact.

With your voice, we can change the future.  With your contribution, we can improve access to the resource – and our heritage.  Thanks to you, the future is very bright!

For more information on volunteer, internship or employment opportunities contact Bobbi Billings by phone (207) 367-2708 or email


As a small non-profit with a big mission, we relish the opportunity to work with students and professionals in all stages of their career! Our past interns have been College of the Atlantic undergraduates, Island Institute Island Fellows, Duke University Coastal Management Masters Candidates, and high school students. We are involved in a variety of projects that could benefit from and enhance the educational experience of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees in the sciences, public policy, anthropology, law, education, and/or non-profit management and communications. Please contact Bobbi Billings at if you are interested in a unique and exciting internship opportunity!  Housing Available.

Job Openings

We don’t currently have any openings. Please check back later for employment opportunities.