Giving Thanks

2019 has been a year of opportunity for Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries. Not only have we overcome routine transition challenges, but have implemented changes to programs that make us stronger and more sustainable. How did we do that? We engaged many donors and partners in conversation and listened to their feedback. We ventured outside our comfort zones. We took calculated risk. We provided you with transparency and timely updates. Without your generosity and loyalty, we would not have succeeded.

Recognition to a few who have helped in 2019:

  • Fishermen who have volunteered their time and fishing vessels to the Sentinel Survey
  • The Eastern Maine Coastal Current Collaborative steering committee, responsible for the State of the Science Conference and for planning next steps
  • Volunteers who not only counted alewife populations, but help to implement change within community management of the species
  • Teachers and administrators who helped to design the 2019/2020 Eastern Maine Skippers Program school year
  • Fishermen and policy leaders who are working toward sustainable lobster and shellfish regulations
  • Countless professionals who supported MCCF programs and activities
  • Business sponsors including banks, fishing industry leaders and many more
  • Partners including local, state and federal
  • Foundations and program liaisons
  • Board members who have given wealth, wisdom and work
  • Individual donors and family foundations, those with deep connections to our mission and those just joining our efforts

Throughout the year, we have reported on challenges, accomplishments, and successes.  The MCCF 2019 annual report will be loaded with facts, stories and photos. To date, MCCF has been awarded 21 grants, including eight from foundations new to our organization.

MCCF recently announced two monumental grant awards. One from NOAA to provided research analysis on groundfish samples and another from the Center for Disease Control for fishermen specific safety training. These awards are significant in that they provide MCCF with financial resources to expand efforts to complete these projects, providing only minimal support to existing operating costs.

While these grants help to meet MCCF objectives, we still need your support! To date, 2019 support from donors and foundations has been strong! With 411 gifts, including 99 new donors and two separate match challenges, we are well on the way to meeting our 2019 fundraising goal of $1.2 million. Thank you for the generosity of those donors who have already committed to a 2019 gift! If you have not already done so, please make a gift today.

The Giving Tuesday campaign was a tremendous success, including gifts from sixteen new donors! Including the challenge match, overall Giving Tuesday gifts exceeded $7,000!

MCCF staff share reasons why your financial support matters:

  1. Supporting stewardship leads Maine’s fishing legacy into a secure future.
  2. We are working to ensure that future generations have access rights to coastal waters and opportunities to harvest Maine seafood.
  3. Our communities wouldn’t be the same without fishing.
  4. To support communities and research in a region where fishing matters most.
  5. People come to us to learn about fisheries, changes in the environment, and current relevant events.

For more information on ways to give, please visit

Thank you for helping to make this a successful year.

Kathie Norwood
Development Director