A Single Stop Unlocks the Coast

Virtual reality has come to Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries! Visit Discovery Wharf, our marine education center, located at 13 Atlantic Ave in Stonington. Experience everything from a live touch tank with Maine lobster to a 14-foot interactive touch wall. And now –  our virtual reality exhibit takes you from the depths of cold Maine waters to the skies of coastal Maine. Check out the complete list of virtual experiences we offer in the descriptions below. The virtual reality technology brings coastal communities to life. Be sure to plan a visit. There is a little something for everyone!

Discovery Wharf is open Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 

1. Lobstering:

Hop aboard a working lobster boat and haul traps off of Franklin Island. Richard Nelson of Friendship has been a commercial fisherman for over 30 years. You can look around the deck of his boat, haul traps, and watch him measure which lobsters are keepers!

Bonus Exploration!

Go inside a lobster trap on the bottom of the ocean floor! Watch lobsters crawl all around you. You’ll even be hauled up by the rope and pulley system and will see the transition from deep dark blue waters to light blue as you come aboard. Look up and watch Richard grabbing lobsters around you.


2. Isleford Boatworks:

Step inside Isleford Boatworks’s 800 sq. foot barn on Little Cranberry Island. Their hands-on summer program teaches kids the traditional skills used in boat making. The Boatworks mission is to build opportunity, the community and a future for Maine’s working waterfront. You’ll see inside their studio and watch as the staff works!


3. Island Work Art Exhibition:

Take a look around the Island Work Art Exhibition! Greg and Jonathan Mort are artists that live and work in Port Clyde. This exhibit includes Greg’s first art piece on a very large Canvas. You can look around the large studio and see roughly 10 painting on landscapes and portraits. You’ll also see Greg and Jonathon painting and working!

Port Clyde Art Studio

4. Monhegan Brewery:

Listen as Mary and Matt Webber of Monhegan Brewery demonstrate and discuss the application of hops in their infamous Rye IPA. Monhegan Island is located 10 miles off the coast of Maine, miles from the nearest paved road! Monhegan Island has a population of only 60 people. Monhegan Brewing Company is family owned, and located on the south end of the island. You’ll see four people in the brewery area and be able to hear conversations!

Monhegan Brewing Company

5. Kayaking:

Kayak to Grandfather’s Island with Bethany, and daughters Eleanor, and Marianne. Journey to their favorite “Micro Island” and enjoy the 360 views of various islands in the distance and calm waters as Bethany paddles.

Micro Island Kayaking

6. Lifeflight of Maine:

Experience views from above while riding in a Lifeflight of Maine helicopter. They are one of the nation’s oldest and most respected air ambulance providers! Stay on long enough and you’ll have the chance to watch the helicopter land,  get out, and see the landing strip in Owl’s Head, Maine!

Life-flight Helicopter

7. The Sea Queen: 


Take a ride on a boat to Little Cranberry Island on the Sea Queen! Watch locals and visitors get their ferry tickets punched. Look out the window and see the boats in the harbor while getting an inside look at how mail gets delivered to Maine islands.

The Mail Boat

8. Big Room Studios:

Travel through a time lapse of a work day in the Big Room Studios design office. Big Room Studios is a creative media and technology agency based out of Portland, Maine that worked on the virtual reality project. See employees working on their computers and discussing all things tech in the open kitchen.

Big Room Studios

9. The Island Institute:

Walk down Main Street in Rockland, Maine! Get a glimpse of the Island Institute building at dusk. The Island Institute works to sustain Maine’s island and coastal communities. They help with climate impacts, economic development, education, marine resources, and most importantly, they’re the partners responsible for the creation of the virtual reality technology! Learn more